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Reliquary of the Azure Angel” A first in the Dankquart Collection series, this reliquary cabinet was created to showcase its owner’s personal artifacts with storage that can be configured as desired.
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Each side of the cabinet has a storage area accessed by opening doors on the left and right. Each door has two paintings, one on the outside facing panel and and one on the inside panel of the door. The inside panel is a changed version of the outside painting.
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On the left side there is a painting of a pod with a small skull inside and twin moth attendants.
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Open the left door and the pod’s skull has now burst into flame, burning away the pod’s husk, and immolating the attendant moths.
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The right side door has an exterior painting of a floating spiky pod in twin bloom.
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When opened the right inside door show’s the pod has shed it’s husk revealing a red droplet and the plant’s tendrils wrap around background clouds to form a skull floating in the evening sky.
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There are three sculpts on the top of the cabinet with snakes and moonflowers wrapped around brass votive holders. This is the center section.