The idea for the series was inspired by the concept that we exist in a multiverse, that our universe is only one of many in existence. That idea led to my invention of an imagined character, the adventurer, raconteur, and quite possibly con man, Victor Dankquart. After we got to know one another he revealed to me his latest discovery, a relic from a civilization long passed and forgotten, a culture much like our own, but - different. He claimed it was only one piece in an array of exotic items he had acquired through his years of traveling, strange pieces of antiquity that he now desired to share with the public, share that is, with my help.

“Reliquary From a Lost Civilization” was the first piece in my Dankquart Collection series and the assembly continues to grow with various portraits, ever more complex reliquaries, and pieces (I imagine), that were used for storytelling and enlightenment. New work is continually being unearthed and presented here and who, aside from Victor Dankquart, knows what the future may hold.

All work is available for purchase unless marked sold, or listed with a gallery. All studio direct sales are through Paypal, “Buy It Now” and stated shipping fee applies to US addresses only. Buyers outside the US please Contact me for purchase information.

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“Reliquary of the Azure Angel”

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A different addition to the Dankquart Collection series, this reliquary cabinet serves as a functional piece of furniture and place to store your own collection of antiques and oddities. Winner, Best in Show at Dangerous Lullabies, October 2019. “Reliquary of the Azure Angel”
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“The Birdman Cabinet (Reliquary of a Spellcaster)” SOLD

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The Voyagers

A new series of portraits depicting mysterious and elusive figures, shaman, sentinels and mystics, who travel the worlds of The Dankquart Collection. “The Origin Voyager” is the third piece in the series but the first to be shown. More on the way soon.
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The Conqueror
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Genesis Shrine
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Reliquary of the Acolyte
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Reliquary of a Storyteller SOLD
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Portrait of a Spellcaster
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Reliquary of the Morning Star
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Reliquary From a Lost Civilization
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Reliquary of a Naturalist SOLD
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Reliquary of an Amaranthine Conjuror SOLD
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The Jealous Moon
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Summer’s Twilight SOLD
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Reliquary of an Apiarist
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A Daughter of the Earth
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