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Fireflies 8x6" Acrylic on panel mounted in a 11.5x9.5" distressed, black, oak frame.
Catching fireflies on a summer evening was a regular activity when I was a kid. We'd track their morse code like flashes of light until we got close enough to cup our hands around the glow or try to entice them to land on an open palm. They'd wind up in an old Mason jar, a captured constellation of beetle-stars until released again into the night sky. It was mind-blowing really, bugs that light up as they fly around, and we're not talking about some insect only seen in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, or the wilds of the African jungle, but right in my plain old Illinois backyard! Amazing stuff for a young kid, still amazing as an adult.

The last few years I've noticed there are fewer of these wondrous little guys sparking up the summer nights. Their population seems to have taken it on the chin lately possibly victims of one environmental degradation or another. Hopefully it's a downturn they'll bounce back from. Originally this painting was going to be called The Last Fireflies, part of my post-apocalyptic inspired series, but I decided to take a more positive tack. Fireflies it is. I hate to think of summer without them.

We live in a world of numbingly ginormous megawatt blockbusters. Fireflies are the opposite, small creatures displaying an exquisitely quiet, non LED glow. Pure magic. I look forward to seeing them again soon.