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The monthly featured special is taking a break for the summer months. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please stop back this fall when I hope to resume the monthly Featured Special. In the meantime you can stay up to date on all of the latest news, in progress photos and new finished work, by following me on Instagram- @walkerbrushworks and as JohnWalkerArtist on Facebook. Thank you.
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“Portrait of a Dream Merchant” 10x8” acrylic and gouache on panel. Sold
“He arrives in town and soon a crowd begins to line up outside his wagon. One at a time, his signal given, his eyes met, they climb the steps and enter. The room is perceived differently by every individual. It may be cool with clouds of fog drifting up from the sea, the sound of surf soothing and deep as the warmth of a lover’s hand grasps tightly, or lit by the orange glow of a campfire, its flames merrily reaching upward towards the millions of stars twinkling in the velvet black above, or filled by a rushing breeze as arms become feathers stretching out wide while the earth passes below, or scented by the sweet aroma of an elder’s holiday baking, the air punctuated by the laughter of long missed friends.

The room is really quite empty, the walls bare. But the man is a dream merchant and proffers to each of his guests a glimpse of their deepest desires, his judgement seldom in error. A deal is struck, a bargain made. A few coins change hands, but it’s not money he seeks. Instead, tonight, as they drift down the paths he crafted for them, he will ride along, and smell the blue-green sea air, and feel the warmth of a lover’s touch, and once again hear the laughter of long missed friends.”
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“Eye of a Necromancer- Gold Beetle” is sculpted from polymer clay and set into a round, composition, warm black, distressed frame. The sculpture is approximately 2.75” in diameter making the eye slightly larger than life size, and is finished with layered applications of acrylic paint. The piece has an overall matte finish with the eye itself given several coats of gloss varnish, for a nice wet appearance. The beetle is gold metallic. Sold
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“Eye of a Necromancer” Now available, faux fresco pieces of the famed, (and fictitious) collection of historical artifacts and oddities owned by the dark and mysterious Mr Victor W. Dankquart. Above each sculpted eye is painted the quarter moon mark, identifying the wearer as a necromancer, with a beetle below the eye thought to designate speciality. These fragments are assumed to have been parts of much larger murals which paid tribute to the magical talents of village necromancers. Retrieved during archaeological digs in exotic locales, they belonged to a civilization now known only to the sands of time.

Each faux fresco fragment is approximately 4x3” mounted on a 7x5” textured surface and set in a 8x6” black frame. Sculpted with polymer clay and wood they receive a stone and plaster texture, and are then painted using various acrylic products. Ready to hang and become part of your own collection of imagined history. $325.00.
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“Eye of a Necromancer-Violet Beetle” Sold
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“Eye of a Necromancer-Copper Beetle” $325.00
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“Eye of a Necromancer-Red Beetle” $325.00
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“Eye of a Necromancer-
Green Beetle”
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Sketches I have a number of sketches and studies available for purchase. I’ve posted a few samples here, there are many more available on the “Sketches” page. Sold unframed unless noted otherwise.
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Childhood Memories $85.00
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A Carpenter Bee $85.00
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“Snail Eye Mask”
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“Beetle’s Discovery” $95.00
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“Double Trouble” $95.00
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“Beet with a Treat” $95.00
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“The Keeper” $395.00
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Dissolution of a Bearded Man $250.00
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Portrait of a Young Royal $125.00
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From the Dust $125.00
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Portrait of a Visionist $250.00
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Portrait of an Astronomer $225.00
“The Automaton Twins” These two showed up one rainy weekend as I experimented with a mix of acrylic paint, colored pencil, and graphite on Strathmore’s Multi Media heavy weight paper. You never know who might drop in when brush hits paper. Each piece has a 6x6”image size on approximately 7x7” paper.
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“Automaton Girl” 6x6” image size mixed media on Strathmore Multi-Media paper. $120.00 incl. shipping.
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“Automaton Boy” 6x6” image size mixed media on Strathmore Multi-Media paper. $120.00 incl. shipping.
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“The Arrival” print. I recently discovered I had a few of these giclée prints of my original acrylic on panel painting tucked away. Beautifully reproduced on high quality 100% acid free fine art paper using archival inks. The image size is 11x12” with a 1” paper border. Shipped flat. $50.00 plus $15.00 shipping to US addresses. Outside the US please Contact me to purchase. Only 12 9 available
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